How We Helped One of the Top Las Vegas Hotels Hit the Jackpot

The Westin Las Vegas
Social Mobile Waze

The Research

We worked with one of the top Las Vegas hotels which is located near – but not on – the Strip. With so much competition in the Vegas hospitality industry, our client needed to find a creative approach in order to increase their overall total bookings. They came to us to talk hotel digital marketing.

The Booking

Las Vegas boasts over 30 hotels offering 125,000+ rooms positioned on the four mile length of the Strip. As a result, spontaneous weekend travelers from southern California often drive straight there to look for a hotel without booking in advance. Our client, a particular hotel chain struggled to reach this specific Las Vegas goer due to its location being just shy of the main road. Hotel digital marketing was just the solution.

The Arrival

Through our platform titled “Social, Mobile, Waze,” we created mobile ad units. These ads were displayed on social media platforms as well as on Waze, an app used for GPS. Always on the cutting edge of new technology, our company was one of the first ever to advertise on this app.

Ultimately the best thing about these ads was the ease of delivery. The ads effortlessly reached passengers of the vehicle while they were using their mobile devices. Regardless of whether they were scrolling through social media, playing on a handheld gaming system or simply reading directions from Waze, delivery was the same.

In order to effectively capture the unplanned voyage from Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, our mobile marketing gurus used geo-targeting along I-15 to reach the target consumer. Using a specific geofilter, the ads only contacted the patrons who were traveling to the Las Vegas area. This meant that no ad was wasted.

The ad placements made it easy for the traveler to tap on the banner and make a reservation through their mobile device. This reservation process was both seamless and fast to complete. Additionally, a pin would drop on the consumer’s map through the Waze app so the user could travel directly to the hotel.

The Check-In

The hotel company was able to easily identify additional bookings on a daily basis as a result of the campaign. In fact, last week they had their largest number of bookings in history! Not only did the ads provide an easy-to-use booking tool, they also added value to the company brand. The mobile advertisements made this hotel a memorable brand name. As a result of seeing the mobile ads, those who already had a hotel reserved this time around would remember the name the next time they planned a trip to Vegas. In conclusion, they’d be more likely to use this brand’s establishment as home base.

The campaign was such a huge success that our client referred us to four other properties to execute a similar marketing strategy, and that’s just the beginning!

If you think geofilters can help your business, connect with us today. Let us put your company on the map with smart hotel digital marketing.