From a Small Seed a Mighty Trunk May Grow

Planting a Seed

As a family-run business open since 1823, Curtis Lumber serves its community. From its original single location to a network of 21 locally managed stores across New York and Vermont, Curtis is dedicated to providing solutions for its customers’ dreams. Servicing homeowners, contractors and commercial contractors alike, Curtis found themselves competing against the “big box stores” and looking for a fresh way to attract customers.


Curtis had relied on traditional marketing to draw foot traffic to its 21 stores. Realizing that location-based marketing would likely be a great fit for them, they came to us to see about targeting customers who had visited their competitors’ stores within the past 60 days. Using proprietary third party data to track user location, we set up a geoconquesting campaign that targeted these customers on both mobile and social apps.


Curtis offered them a smart incentive: a free $50 L.L. Bean gift card just for meeting with a kitchen designer to talk about their kitchen project. Part of the Curtis experience revolves around their designers being able to provide better customer service and a more pleasant shopping experience; it all came down to initiating the foot traffic to a local Curtis store.



Sure enough, with a great incentive (who doesn’t like free?), the leads came in. In fact, Curtis reported enough new signed projects that the design team was fully booked. That first campaign resulted in 10 new kitchen sales. It’s time to try a fresh approach against the competition. Let us put geoconquesting to work for your business.



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