Bob Bentz, President of Purplegator, has been quoted by HR 4 SMES in their most recent blog post. Training needs for the “Digital Talent”, Mercedes García shares her professional HR & technology insight on how to stay on top of an always changing industry like digital marketing. Bob was mentioned under Blogs and webinars that they recommend to train on digital marketing:

Bob Bentz, from Purplegator (Marketing agency based in USA) explained how he stays up to date with webinars and podcasts. However, the key to success is to watch them after working hours. “I’d rather get the replay later and then I can fast forward to the most important parts or abandon if its not of value to me”

& How much money do you spend on average for training per year:

Bob Bentz, mentioned that he sees this money as an investment. “I’m happy to invest in training for staff members and willing for them to dedicate a day or two to in person training and invest over a thousand dollars if needed. It comes back to the company in increased productivity, new ideas and increased job satisfaction”