In this article, a compiled list of entrepreneurs share their inspiring & heart-warming stories from struggle to success. President of Purplegator, Bob Bentz, was rightfully chosen to share his success story. Bob reminisced on his struggles, sharing:

“When we started Advanced Telecom Services, it required a significant investment in telecom equipment so we were not able to take a salary for over two years.
I was away from my family on Monday through Thursday most weeks.
I slept on the floor in the office and took showers in the morning at the YMCA.
With that kind of commitment, it’s easy to see how finally getting a salary one day was a joyous time.
The gamble had finally paid off.
The good news is that it has continued for 29 years since, but I’ll never forget those first two.”

Bob Bentz is now the President of three companies: Purplegator, Advanced Telecom Services and Gator Texting . Thanks for sharing, Bob!