Purplegator Announces the Launch of Mobile Acquire 2.0, a Proprietary SIG Compliant Lead Capture System

Berwyn, PA – Purplegator Inc., a mobile-first marketing agency, announces the launch of Mobile Acquire 2.0. The company is officially rolling out the changes to existing customers on Monday, November 1st. The new and improved system includes updates to handle higher volume while continuing to ensure that data is encrypted and secure at all levels in compliance with SIG (Standard Information Gathering Lite) protocols.

A list of all the enhancements that went into Mobile Acquire 2.0 include:

  • AWS Database to DigitalOcean Database
  • AWS Dashboard Application to DigitalOcean Application
  • User Login Authentication/Authorization
  • Github Repositories and CI/CD Pipelines
  • Logging and Health Endpoints
  • Form Validation for Landing Pages with Regular Expressions
  • Secure External Webhooks with API Keys (i.e., Facebook)
  • Google Analytics Tracking Events
  • Dashboard Updates
  • New Admin Application to Manage Mobile Acquire

There are numerous possibilities for use cases of Mobile Acquire 2.0. The majority of Purplegator’s clients, however, find this proprietary lead capture system to be the perfect solution for high-volume recruiting campaigns. 

“Usually, the fact that our landing pages are standalone and the business doesn’t have to use their own domain is enough to make us the clear choice when considering a vendor for a lead capture system,” Purplegator, Vice President Barb Breeser said. “But what people truly appreciate is that our system is full-service.”

As data security becomes a widely discussed topic across industries, more businesses are reconsidering their current vendor list. Mobile Acquire 2.0 will maintain its position in the marketplace as the best choice for high-volume businesses that require SIG compliant protocols for standalone landing pages. For a full list with detailed descriptions of the Mobile Acquire 2.0 enhancements, see below.