We Do It All

Trust Purplegator to handle your recruitment marketing needs from start to finish.

Every Purplegator recruitment campaign starts with a custom targeting strategy specially tailored to the needs of your business. Our creative team puts together graphics and copy that communicate your needs, values and company culture to the potential candidates who view each ad. If you don’t have a library of images and videos, The Gators can create them for you. 

We place your advertisements on top online platforms, carefully selected to reach quality candidates with the unique backgrounds necessary for your positions. We will both develop and host a custom Purplegator landing page with screening questions that make it easy for you to automatically filter through under-qualified candidates.

We don’t just set it and forget it! Our team will carefully monitor your recruitment campaign, A-B testing and adjusting targeting when necessary to optimize your results. You’ll receive weekly reporting from The Gators who are on call to answer any questions you have along the way! When your campaign comes to a close, you’ll be sent a recap report that provides an in-depth look at the success of your recruitment campaign.

Advertising Media can include…

  • NPPC (Pay Per Click)
  • NFacebook
  • NInstagram
  • NGoogle
  • NYouTube
  • NTikTok
  • NTwitter
  • NLinkedIn
  • NSnapchat
  • NIn-App
  • NDigital Email
  • NMobile Web
  • NVideo Pre-Roll
  • NOTT: Connected TV, Streaming Video, Full Episode Player
  • NRetargeting
  • NVoice Mail Direct Follow Up
  • NText Message Follow Up