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Passive Candidates

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 Your ideal candidate is not always actively seeking a new position. Purplegator campaigns target people seeking new employment while also targeting passive candidates – those individuals who possess the unique skill set necessary for your position but who may not be actively searching for a new job. A recent client told The Gators that 80% of the candidates that we delivered were new applicants not previously listed in their ATS. With Purplegator’s custom recruiting strategies, you can be sure that you’re getting the quality candidates you need to build your perfect team.

We do all the heavy lifting, structuring our ads with engaging copy and dynamic creative, making them easy to share with others. 

Viewers of our ads often tag a friend, family member or colleague who might be interested in the advertised position. Others save the ads for later when it’s more convenient to take next steps.  When potential candidates click on one of our ads, they are brought to a Purplegator custom landing page. The landing page is a great place to tell candidates more about the position, ask some screening questions, and to gather contact information. We love using our Purplegator landing pages to emphasize the features and benefits of the advertised position and provide some context as to why your company is a great place to work!