Hire Specialized Nurses Fast

Have a specialized position you’re hoping to fill? Reach out to The Gators. We’re happy to have a conversation with you about the best approach for your business.

With Purplegator, you can be sure that our team of marketing professionals is dedicated to your cause. After initial collaborative conversations with you and your staff, we can have a campaign live and ready to go in 48 hours. That’s a custom campaign with carefully crafted creative, copy and targeting. Everything is specially tailored to your company to make sure you get the right candidates for your team.

Within hours of launching your custom campaign, leads will start populating on your dashboard and will be emailed in real time to your hiring managers.

We use tried and true targeting techniques to find qualified candidates for the specialized positions you’re looking to fill. By taking job titles, interests and an array of other factors into account, we make sure we’re reaching out to candidates who actually possess the skills necessary for your open position. Purplegator custom landing pages make it easy to assess populating candidates and screen out unqualified applicants. We don’t just set it and forget it! Our team will monitor your campaign and adjust targeting parameters to optimize the quality of your results.