Telemarketing & IVR

5 Decades of Development


It’s a rather unusual partnership for a marketing agency to also have a 30+-year-old telemarketing agency as its brethren, but it’s also one of the great differentiators between Purplegator and its competitors.

The Origins of Purplegator Began in Automated Telephony

In 2017, Advanced Telecom Services, then known as “ATS Mobile,” spun off Purplegator as its own entity. But, the knowledge of providing five decades of interactive voice response (IVR) remains in the minds of the long serving employees who share the same office space we occupy.

You may not think of automated telephone services as part of your marketing mix, but you should. Telemarketing and automated telephony remains a vital part of the services that can help you market your business or organization.

  • Automated Inbound Telemarketing
  • Automated Credit Card Processing
  • Automated Outbound Telemarketing
  • Robocalls
  • Direct to Voicemail — Leave a message on voicemail without ever ringing the phone!
  • SMS Text Message Marketing
  • MMS Messaging
  • Retargeting

Automated inbound and outbound telemarketing — it’s a great addition to your marketing plans.

Direct to Voicemail

Direct to Voicemail is our hottest selling automated telemarketing product. With Direct to Voicemail, you can leave a message on the consumer’s mobile or landline phone without ever ringing the phone! Here’s how we do it; it’s not rocket science like some companies claim. We make two automated phone calls with the second one being made just 1/10 of a second after the first. Then, we hang up on the first call so that the second one automatically hits the voicemail. It’s perfect for generating sales leads or notifying customers about important events.


Don’t Forget The Ubiquitous Phone in Your Marketing Plans

Media and communications have gone through massive changes over the past few decades, but one thing remains a constant — the phone. It may look a lot different than it used to, and it probably doesn’t have a wire attached to it anymore, but it’s still a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Contact the Gators and their Advanced Telecom Services brothers to add a revenue generating or cost reduction program to your marketing mix.