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We would love to talk more with you if you’re seeking to appeal to the right applicants. Our individualized approach can help you target untapped talent that is essential for you to grow your business.

At Purplegator, we have the dexterity to act strategically and swiftly. We remain committed to your goals by actively communicating with you along the way for the optimal recruitment marketing approach. The power of customization plus outstanding copy, creative and granularity is the foundation of our strategy! We know how difficult it is to find the right applicants for your business and we want to make the process enjoyable and stress free. With our help, you will connect with the qualified candidates that you’ve been working to find through your recruitment processes. Crucial information about new qualified candidates will be delivered to your dashboard or straight to your email.

We’re very adept at using advanced targeting methods to attract top talent for your company. Additionally, we use various data points to your advantage, including information from job listings, interests and skills. These parameters constitute the core of the targeting. Selecting the ideal applicants becomes a simplified process with our custom landing pages. You can even eliminate less qualified candidates based on your prerequisites. You can also rest assured that we will never neglect your campaigns. Our team is constantly alert to adjust and optimize when required!