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Improve Your Online Reviews


Your Rating is Your First Impression to Potential Customers

Cultivate a Review Rating You Can Be Proud Of

Don’t let the haters get you down! One bad review can haunt a business for years. Low reviews will sink your score to an average that does not accurately represent the quality of your business. You can’t get rid of the low reviews, but you can cultivate new, positive reviews to improve your stars overall.

Gator Reviews will help you reach out to loyal regulars and new customers, encouraging them to write a review for your business. Through QR codes, SMS and email marketing campaigns, reviewers will be directed to a Gator Reviews landing page.

Our landing pages are totally customizable with copy, graphics and logos that align with your business. On your custom landing page, reviewers will be prompted to select a star rating. Concerned that active outreach will lead to low reviews? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Anyone who selects a score of 4 stars or higher will be sent to review you on the platforms of your choosing. Some popular platforms include Yelp, Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor, but we can integrate with any niche review sites in your industry as well.

Here’s the cool part, if someone selects a score of 3 stars or lower, they will not be prompted to leave you a review online. Instead, they’ll be given an email form where they can send their valued feedback along to you and your team. Want to learn more about our custom Gator Reviews campaigns?

Let’s connect and develop a strategy that can help improve and maintain your business’ online reviews.

Look what happened in October when the Gators got involved!