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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants


F&O’s restaurant has been in business since 1975.


Purplegator has worked with Felix and Oscar’s Restaurant since May 2014, managing their Facebook page and their Google Business page as well as establishing and managing a weekly text loyalty program that currently has over 2,000 loyal opted in members who are eager to get weekly deals by text. Daily and weekly work includes posting, answering questions, replying to comments and managing online reviews.
F&O’s restaurant has been in business since 1975, and when we began the relationship, they faced an identity crisis. The primary concern was to keep the current older patrons happy while bringing in a consistent younger crowd as well. Purplegator started by staging the restaurant with a young 21+ crowd invited in for an evening of eating pizza, drinking beer and watching sports on the big screen TVs. A professional photographer took pictures and many of those photos have been posted and used consistently in advertisements, on the website and in social media posts. F&O’s saw an increase in orders and in-house dining from this younger demographic.

The primary focus of the Facebook page is to engage, inform and entertain followers. The page had 6,500 followers in 2014 and in 2020 has 8,700+. Weekly posts get good engagement with dozens and sometimes hundreds of people actively commenting, reacting, and sharing. This works well with Facebook’s algorithm, keeping F&O’s consistently in the timeline of their fervent fan base.

An audience base of this size has proven to be very beneficial for quick surveys which allow the business to make sound decisions. A few years ago, the question was “Pepsi or Coke”. Hundreds of responses (Coke being the big winner with 80%) made it easy to decline the offers from the local Pepsi rep to provide their beverage service. An important survey in May 2020 during the initial COVID-19 epidemic recent survey said “We are now open for dine in. Will you be joining us soon or will you continue with delivery and carryout?” There were over 100 responses in the first 15 minutes of posting the question and ended with 72% said that they would continue with takeout and delivery. Valuable information such as this helps with staffing, scheduling, ordering and more.


2015 was the best year in the history of the company, until 2016, 2017 and 2018 each consecutively beat the previous years. They attribute much of their success to their consistent presence on social media, quick responses to questions and concerns, management of online reviews, and the popularity of the text program.

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