Enhance Your

“Careers” Brand

If you don’t have a dedicated brand identity for your Careers, The Gators will work with you to establish your careers brand on various platforms so prospective candidates can get a feel for your company culture.

You already know that your company is a great place to work, but how do you communicate that to potential candidates? The team at Purplegator will work with you to ensure that the marketing of your careers brand is consistent across platforms. Good storytelling will ensure that potential candidates learn more about the culture and core values that are the foundation of your company.

Not only are careers pages on social media a great way to communicate your culture, they also contribute to evergreen advertising. Your Company Facebook Page is likely managed by the marketing team with the goal of promoting the business and gaining new customers. A dedicated careers page will highlight your company culture, promote employee testimonials, and outline all the terrific benefits of working with your company.

The Gators are ready to start the process with you. Are you ready? If so, give us a call or leave a comment so we can get in touch.

You may be thinking, “yes, that all sounds amazing, but I don’t have the time to manage all this!” No worries, because, we do! The Gators are ready and able to manage your Careers Facebook Page with just a little input from you. We’ll answer basic questions and direct potential candidates to the proper person or resources for next steps in the process.

Career testimonials are another outstanding way to enhance your brand. The Gators will work alongside your team to film brief videos of enthusiastic employees which can then be featured on your company website, social media and promoted through advertising campaigns.

Our in-house team will edit the videos to optimize overall engagement. Video testimonials from your trusted employees are one of the most effective ways for potential candidates to learn more about specific positions and also more about your company. Videos give an authentic glimpse into what makes your company special.