Engage with Passive Candidates

Contact The Gators today to learn how to effectively connect with passive candidates as well as active job seekers.

Your best candidates are probably employed right now. If they aren’t actively looking for a new position, how do you plan to find them? We know it’s a challenge: most truck drivers, warehouse workers and diesel techs don’t have active LinkedIn profiles. Purplegator’s ad campaigns target those individuals with the right skills and credentials for your open positions and give them a virtual “tap on the shoulder” to get your opportunity in front of them.

A long term client recently advised Purplegator that 80% of the candidates that came in from our campaigns were new to them, meaning they weren’t already in their ATS. Purplegator’s recruiting strategies are customized for each client’s exact needs. Let us do the heavy lifting, engaging creative, multi-platform media placement, focused targeting, and captivating copy.

Purplegator’s social media ads are easy to share, tapping into a referral market of family, friends and colleagues who might be interested in the position themselves or may share the ad with someone else. Ads can also be saved for later, so the potential candidate can access it again at a more convenient time.

Ad clicks and taps lead potential candidates to a Purplegator custom landing page where companies can share more about the position as well as some great reasons why they would want to work for your company. The landing page captures contact information and asks 3 or 4 screening questions to make sure they are potentially a good fit for the position.