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What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are a half video, half photographic image that generates a stunning display that is ideally created for the digital age.

A cinemagraph takes a video and makes it look like a still photo, yet allows for minor, repeated movements in certain sections of the image, thus giving the viewer the illusion that she is watching an animation. Three to six seconds of video movement plays in a never ending seamless, hypnotizing loop, but only in a section of the graphic; meanwhile the rest of it remains eerily still. The result is stunning, breathtaking imagery that seemingly captures a precise frozen moment in time for the viewer.

We’ve all heard about “banner blindness” and the din of mobile and digital advertisements that consumers see every day. The answer to banner blindness is often considered to be video and moving pictures are certainly always a great choice. But cinemagraphs have shown to capture, pique and hold the viewer’s attention even more than an engaging video can.

Cinemagraphs provide dazzling, dominant display advertising for your brand. They are photos in disguise and tend to surprise the viewer with limited mesmerizing motion. An alluring cinemagraph will attract the attention of your target audience with a thumb stopping image that will direct their attention to your now magical message. That’s what makes them such a popular choice for marketers trying to capture and hold their audience’s attention amongst the barrage of mobile and digital ads your customer is exposed to.

Source: Purplegator ad performance, 3rd Qtr., 2020

At Purplegator, we’ve done several studies to compare the effectiveness of banners vs. video vs. cinemagraphs. The increased tap through and click through rates justify the additional creative development for a confounding cinemagraph.

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