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What is a ChatBot?

Chatbots live on a Facebook page (in the Send Message section) and can also be embedded on a website. A chatbot’s function is to handle Q&A via artificial intelligence and/or a guided dialogue.

Chatbots can be used to answer questions, to serve as a company’s first line of customer service, to send someone to the right department, to schedule an interview or appointment, or to make a purchase.

For example, a Chatbot on a careers page could function like this:

  1. For the potential candidate to get the information requested.
  2. For the potential candidate to be sent to the website to fill out an application if she meets the basic screening requirements.
  3. Can go all the way to a scheduled interview using Calendly integration if your HR people are set up to use it.

A chatbot can be simple or complicated. It really depends on how you want to use it. The idea is to streamline and automate while keeping it personal at the same time. A real person can jump in at any time to take over a chat conversation. People know they are chatting with a bot but they don’t have a problem with it. They want to get some basic information and to move through your system a bit before they commit to taking the next steps.

Each chatbot is unique. The client can provide the wireframe (the questions and potential options for responses) that will meet with the compliance department’s approval or we can build one with just a little bit of information from you.

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