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Bookkeeper & Office Manager

General Description

The bookkeeper & office manager position will assist the offshore accountants and handle in-house financial and administrative duties for a busy and growing marketing agency (Purplegator) and legacy telecommunications company (Advanced Telecom Services). Preference for the bookkeeper is to live in the Philadelphia area, or live in an area that has branch locations for TD Bank.

The companies use an offshore accounting firm that provides two skilled accountants to the team. The offshore accountants do the company invoices, client statements, monthly financials and annual reporting for the United States-based tax accountant that we use. 

Purplegator is a mobile-first digital agency located in suburban Philadelphia (Berwyn, PA) with remote employees in Des Moines, Buffalo, Dallas and Tucson. It provides all things mobile and digital and is a specialist in recruiting truck drivers and nurses. Advanced Telecom Services, established in 1989, is an interactive voice response company.

Work From Home: Hours

The company is flexible on the days and times that the Bookkeeper will work.  The majority of the work will be done from home. It will be required that a Philadelphia area employee will attend a weekly meeting in the Berwyn office up to 4 hours per week, but all of the other hours will be work from home. It is anticipated that the bookkeeper & office manager will be needed 20-25 hours per week.


This is a permanent part-time position. Annual performance reviews will be conducted. Possible future growth to full time position, with benefits, if desired.


The Bookkeeper & Office Manager reports to the company President.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend a daily meeting of 15-30 minutes every weekday with the offshore accountants beginning at 9 AM ET.
  • Attend a brief daily “huddle” at 10 AM ET.
  • Attend the weekly production meeting on Wednesdays at 2 PM ET.
  • Edit and send contracts to customers via DocuSign.
  • Ensure that all work done results in an invoice being created.
  • Double check the invoices and account statements created by the offshore accountants.
  • Review the Accounts Receivable, P&L and Balance Sheets monthly.
  • Audit the advertising buys and compare them to the invoices created.
  • Handle any banking needs at TD Bank.
  • Process company credit card payments received.
  • Make collection calls when required.
  • Pick up the mail 2x per week at the office in Berwyn and deposit the checks.
  • Review and pay outstanding invoices by credit card, ACH or check.
  • Provide reports for state unemployment offices when required.
  • Assist with preparation of details for annual tax returns.
  • Investigate potential savings opportunities with all financial entities.
  • Handle all elements of human resources, including payroll, 401k, and healthcare.
  • Handle all insurance related issues.
  • Provide back-up services for the company’s online text message marketing sites.


  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Ability to create formulas in Google Sheets and/or Excel
  • Ability to do online banking
  • Knowledge of Facebook or Google advertising a plus
  • Experience with all aspects of Human Resources

Education and Qualifications

  • High school diploma at a minimum
  • Preference for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Background in a similar position
  • Trustworthiness to keep information private and confidential

Equal Opportunity Employer

Purplegator is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from minority and veteran candidates.

How to Apply

 Send your resume to Bob Bentz, at bob@purplegator.com


1055 Westlakes Drive

Suite 300

Berwyn, PA 19312


Updated May 14, 2021



Purplegator is a mobile-first digital agency enjoying a great year in which it is seeing a sales increase of +95% over last year! We need more good people to keep that momentum going by expanding our market with new sales and increasing sales from existing customers. 

We are now interviewing to hire a new Account Executive to work with existing and new customers in Hawaii and the mainland. The successful candidate will need to have a thorough understanding of media and advertising and have the ability to work remotely with little direct daily supervision.

Compensation is a salary plus commission plan. 

Job Duties as a Sales Representative:

  • Follow up on leads supplied by the marketing department
  • Generate your own leads through networking, previous contacts, and participation in company B to B marketing
  • Cold calling from targeted databases
  • Manage existing and new accounts

Purplegator creates most of its sales leads through the following methods, although a successful candidate will need to generate his/her own leads as well:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct to Voicemail
  • Video marketing
  • Trade shows
  • Social media marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • 31-year reputation of parent company

Product Line:

  • Mobile and digital advertising
  • Apps development
  • SMS text message marketing
  • Web development
  • SEO and SEM
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound and outbound IVR
  • Chat BOTS



  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Unlimited PTO after three years.
  • 401k with matching
  • Subsidized Healthcare 
  • Early Dismissal Days before holidays
  • Occasional Work From Home days
  • Office snacks
  • Doggie kisses

To apply for the opportunity, please contact Bob Bentz of Purplegator. Phone interviews will be held in the coming weeks and personal interviews will be held in a few weeks in Honolulu.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

Oahu Preferred
Required experience:

  • Marketing or Communications or Advertising or Sales: 2 years

Required education:

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree preferred, but not required.

Last Updated: January 6, 2020



Marketing Coordinator & Copywriter

General Description

The Marketing Coordinator is an Internship position that has the responsibility of B-to-B marketing strategies for the company, including: content marketing, inbound marketing, and marketing automation.  The end goal of the efforts is the favorable positioning of the brand, improved SEO, and the generation of qualified leads for the sales team.

Purplegator is a mobile-first advertising agency that is now completely virtual in a work from home environment. It provides all things mobile and digital and traditional advertising and specializes in recruitment for hard to fill positions and government contracting.


The company is flexible on the days and times that the Marketing Coordinator will work.  If applicable, it is anticipated that the Marketing Coordinator will work 10-15 hours per week during the school term and 30-40 hours per week in the summer and on time off from college.


The Marketing Coordinator reports to the Vice President.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Extensive copywriting and blogging for corporate websites including the company’s new text message marketing site and app.
  • Write original content and garner placement of content from external publishers.
  • Coordinate the company’s webinar presentations.
  • Participate in link building and other company SEO efforts.
  • Participate in social media marketing efforts.
  • Create sales presentation templates.
  • Create sales proposal templates.
  • Provide backup duties for agency client mobile and digital advertising creation.
  • Provide backup duties for copywriting for agency client advertising.
  • Willingness and commitment to learn about the industry on your own time.


  • Outstanding writing skills are the job’s most important requirement.
  • The second most important skill is the ability to create engaging PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentations.
  • Working knowledge of WordPress is helpful.
  • Basic html skills are a bonus.
  • Knowledge of all social media.
  • Graphic design skills are a plus.
  • Technical abilities will make you an unexpected rock star.

Education and Qualifications

  • Preference is for a student studying in a digital marketing, creative writing, English, or communications-related field.
  • We prefer students who are between their junior and senior year or graduate students who may be interested in joining the team full time following graduation.


  • Paid internship
  • Early Dismissal Days before holidays
  • Experience beyond college
  • Learn what is important to YOU
  • Gain a reference for when you start looking for a full time job.

How to Apply

Send your resume, along with any writing samples or other work samples, to Bob Bentz, at bob@purplegator.com.


1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300

Berwyn, PA 19312

Updated February 25, 2021

Together We Can Be Awesome

We’re not going to lie. We can sometimes be demanding. You can expect to get the occasional email late at night or on the weekend (even though we won’t expect you to respond until you have time to). And, we do have rare emergencies that may interrupt your night out or your vacation. But, we’re also considerate of your positive work-life balance and know that there’s more to you than just what we know from the office or your remote work environment.


  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Unlimited PTO After Three Years
  • 401k (with matching)
  • Subsidized Healthcare
  • Early Dismissal Days Before Holidays
  • Work From Home Virtual Office
  • Doggie Kisses


Our Commitment to You


  • You’ll never miss one of your kids’ sporting events, theater productions, or dance recitals. Family comes first.
  • We will invest in your personal and professional development by offering opportunities to attend industry events and educational sessions.
  • You will always have an open door to discuss anything with management.