Types of Ads

When developing an app, the app marketer is inevitably going to need to be involved in the decision of: “what type of mobile app should we build?”  Let’s take a look at the different types of apps and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Native Apps A native app is software that sits on the […]

Mobile App Marketing

It’s the inevitable question that is going to come up in every marketing presentation regardless of the product or service: “how much is this gonna cost me?” Good question, but our answer is not so black and white. Let’s first discuss how a mobile advertiser can choose to purchase ads on the major ad networks […]

What is Mobile Marketing?

How do you strategize a mobile marketing campaign? Let’s look at the four pillars of mobile marketing to build your basic knowledge. Along with everything else in life, success in mobile marketing does not just come out of the blue, you must earn it.  Website traffic, conversions, value and tracking are the four pillars of mobile […]

Now is the Time to Reach Busy Parents & Campers on their Mobile Devices

Summer Camps have a tight window of opportunity in which to attract, engage and acquire their primary audience – busy parents. At the same time, many camps also need to be marketing to the campers themselves with a very different message and focus. With so many marketing and media options available, be sure that the […]