How to Set up Text Message Marketing

Businesses love SMS, because almost everybody uses text messaging, even those that are still using non-smartphones. The tools available online allow businesses to provide many types of messaging services.  So, what is SMS marketing software? SMS marketing software gives businesses and organizations the ability to communicate with their customers via text messages and SMS messages.  […]

Types of Messages

Sometimes the least sexy aspect of something makes the most sense.  Text message marketing is cheap and provides the single best ROI that you’ll likely experience with mobile marketing.  Messaging used to be just one thing — text messaging. But, today it is much more. Below are the different types of messaging that are currently […]

Text Message Marketing: How to Choose a SMS Keyword

What is a SMS keyword? An SMS keyword is the word that a consumer sends to a phone number, usually a short code, to immediately receive information back.  Often, the end result of the keyword is to encourage an opt-in to a database to be marketed to in the future. CHOOSING A KEYWORD Choosing an […]