The Google Job Search Engine – Is This the Answer to Finding Great Talent?

The Google Job Search Engine – Is This the Answer to Finding Great Talent?

According to this article from @TechCrunch, 46% of US employers say they face talent shortages, and these same employers are continually searching for new ways to acquire new employees.

The Job Search market is already saturated with job boards: Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder just to name a few. Google’s new Job Search engine will be a great resource and will tap into those sites. However, all of these tools require one key element – for a person to be actively searching for a job.

What about the many terrific potential candidates who already have a job and aren’t actively searching for a new one? How do hiring managers reach those people to let them know about an opportunity? Data mining on LinkedIn can work, provided the potential candidate has a robust profile using the right keywords so they can be found. Many people don’t have a LinkedIn profile, and for others their profile is just a bare bones version of their resume.

PURPLEgator has a mobile talent acquisition program that specifically targets and reaches passive candidates – primarily on their mobile devices. Deploying a unique blend of social media ads, mobile display ads and text message marketing combined with geotargeting and geofencing, PURPLEgator is able to find just the right passive candidates for open positions and engage with them on their mobile devices. A recent client stated that 90% of the candidates from our program had not previously been to their company’s career page.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use social, mobile and digital advertising for recruiting, please contact me at 515-850-1162 or barb@purplegator.com

Chatbots for Business: 5 Benefits

Chatbots for Business: 5 Benefits

Chatbots should be in your marketing mix for your business. If you do not use chatbots for business, it is time to get started. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of chatbots and how they can boost your business.

If you need to expand your business, a lot of owners consider two options:

A.) Hire new employees (and hope you can afford their pay?)

B.) Take on extra duties and do it all yourself?

Neither one of those seem appealing, so what could you do instead to help manage sales/customer service?


A chatbot is an application that is used to conduct online conversations with programmed automated responses.

Here are the five greatest benefits of chatbots for business. (And how they can help your business immediately.) 

1. Take on More Customers

Messenger bots help provide a business with more ways to communicate with customers online. They allow hundreds to thousands of conversations to take place at once on your website at the same time. 

Services like Facebook messenger bots for business help take a load off of the customer service staff and facilitate the call queue, especially during peak seasons.

2. Expand Your Operating Hours

Chatbots are available to customers 24/7. They provide services outside of the business’s formal operating hours. This feature is perfect for situations like:

  • Nighttime inquiries
  • Holidays
  • Sick days

Help cater to all sorts of customers by staying accessible all the time. They can be especially helpful in answering commonly asked customer questions.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by creating a personalized level of service with each customer. Create a tone that mirrors your staff, and treat each customer equally.

These bots can help recommend certain products or services to customers to aid in their search on your website. They can even offer a trial of your services. They also help to create more brand awareness and increased sales.

Some of the benefits of chatbots include:

  • Instant responses
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Time saver

Chatbots also allow you another way to gather feedback from your customers in an individualized way, so you don’t have to rely on informal surveys on your website page.

4. Save Your Money

Businesses spend over $350 billion every single year in customer service. Messenger bots can help cut back on those costs by 30 percent.

Traditional customer service teams require lots of workers to function at scale. The bigger your business gets, the more those costs do too. Curb those costs and service more customers with fewer chatbots.

5. Delegate Routine Tasks

Increase employee satisfaction by giving your workers the opportunity to do more meaningful work. Messenger bots work well to do repetitive tasks and produce auto-responses. This will free up other team members to focus on other areas to help the business, and make it more effective!

Chatbots for Business

There are so many reasons to feel stressed as a business owner, and chatbots can really alleviate some of the tasks you and/or your team do every day. Check out chatbots for business and get a head start on the competition.

What are you waiting for? Your customers await!

Call (888) 76-GATOR (888-764-2867) or email sales@purplegator.com to learn more about how we can build custom chatbots tailored to your business.

Analyzing mobile campaign metrics with the Purplegator Dashboard

Analyzing mobile campaign metrics with the Purplegator Dashboard

How did my campaign perform?

Introducing the Purplegator Dashboard for mobile display and banner campaigns.

“How did my mobile campaign perform?” With the Purplegator Dashboard, you can easily download a variety of data and metrics, charts and graphs into PDFs that can be printed or emailed. Most of the data can be downloaded into .csv files for further analysis.

Beyond the basic performance metrics such as total impressions, total clicks and click through rates, with Purplegator’s Reporting Dashboard you can do your own deep dive into various metrics including:

Performance – summary data within preset or your own selected date range

Ad format – which ad size delivered the most impressions and clicks

Frequency – the number of times an ad was delivered to a viewer.

Conversions – what actions did people take after seeing the ad? We highly recommend that you add a conversion pixel to  your website so that you can measure post click and post impression conversions – actions people take after they see your ads

Creatives – which image delivered the most impressions and clicks? Providing creative in all 7 sizes ensures that your ads will fit the publishers’ requirements and will deliver properly on various devices

Geography – which location(s) delivered the most impressions and clicks

The designated geo for your mobile ad campaign can be the entire state or nation, your competitors’ locations, a sporting venue or a parking lot – anywhere your best customers and prospects are and where our technology can capture their device IDs.

Categories – what ad categories (sports, news, health and fitness, games, etc) had the most impressions, clicks and click throughs

Browsers- identify which browser someone was using when the ad was delivered (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, WebView). You can also learn which operating system was being used: IOS, Android, Linux, or windows phone  and also which  devices accessed your ads – Desktop, mobile, tablet or connected TV.

Time and DayEvaluate what time of day and day of week served the most ads.

Behavior and Interest – Discover what behaviors & interests drove the most engagement

Web Sitessee the sites where your ads were delivered.

To summarize: the Purplegator Dashboard allows advertisers an easy way to view and analyze various data and metrics for their campaigns and to share that data with others.


Now is the Time to Reach Busy Parents & Campers on their Mobile Devices

Now is the Time to Reach Busy Parents & Campers on their Mobile Devices

Summer Camps have a tight window of opportunity in which to attract, engage and acquire their primary audience – busy parents. At the same time, many camps also need to be marketing to the campers themselves with a very different message and focus. With so many marketing and media options available, be sure that the focus is on the right message to the right person on the right devices for maximum impact resulting in full camp sessions.

Generational Marketing goes Mobile

Traditional advertising in newspapers, postcards and even television commercials may not be the best way to reach your intended audiences. Today’s teens are mobile natives and will turn to mobile, their device of choice, when doing research on what camps catch their interest. This group often prefers images and videos rather than articles. They would respond well to short clips showing the grounds, the staff, and highlights of some great activities. Culture is very important, so be sure to showcase the unique culture and atmosphere that you offer. Their parents (and their grandparents) are mobile savvy as well. A recent Pew Research study shows that 89% of people ages 30-49 have a smartphone. 85% of adults get their news on a mobile device. Highly targeted advertising on their mobile device via social media and search will reach them while they are in the stands at a sporting event, at lunch with a friend, or waiting in line as they use their phones.

Social Media Tells the Story

Teenagers spend nearly 9 hours a day on 

social media. According to Pew Research 2017 data, nearly all adults use social media platforms. 88% of adults between the ages of 18-29 use Facebook and 59% use Instagram. 79% of 30-49 year olds use Facebook. Social Media is the place they turn to be informed, entertained and educated. A well -developed Facebook page and Instagram with robust images and great video allow you to tell the story of your camp, your staff andyour activities. The challenge is this: How do you get people- the right people – to actually see your posts?

How Do You Get Your Message in Front of Your Audience?

Facebook’s algorithm typically shows your posts organically to between 0.5 % and 1.5% of the peoplewho like your page. If your page has 7,000 likes, that means between 35 and 105 people will see your posts. What about the other 6,900 people who have liked your page and want to know more? Boosted Posts are an option if you’re looking to increase likes, comments and shares. Display Advertising is best if you want to reach a highly targeted audience with a specific call to action – Call Now, RSVP to an Open House, Sign up now, etc. Detailed targeting allows you to reach key demographics by age, income level, zip code, online behaviors, etc, meaning no wasted ad spend. It allows you to reach your most ideal audience on the device they have within two feet of them for 22 out of 24 hours in the day.


To learn more about social mobile advertising for your summer camp, please contact us via your method of choice: email us, or call us at 610-688-6000

Put the POW in Your Ski Resort Marketing

Put the POW in Your Ski Resort Marketing

Ski Resorts have a tight window of opportunity in which to attract, engage and acquire their audience. Whether you cater to young people, families, or pros, your ski resort marketing needs to grab attention quickly so that the people who see it convert to guests at your resort. With so many marketing and media options available, be sure that you’re not making key mistakes and are truly focusing on the right ones for your audiences.

One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing to various generations of skiiers. Baby Boomer skiiers are on the decline, being rapidly replaced by Millennials. Your traditional advertising may not be reaching your desired audiences as they turn to social media and video to gather information and make decisions about where to go and how to spend their entertainment dollars.

Great video content about your ski resort will capture attention. Be sure that your ski resort marketing includes video featuring the lifts, the restaurants, the people who work there, as well as video of your exciting runs to drive engagement. Go behind the scenes with your chef or feature an employee of the month. YouTube shares and comments increase high ranking factors meaning your video can show up more often in search (remember, Google owns YouTube). Video content is also increasingly popular on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm favors video with its high ranking emotional engagement. In fact, Facebook reports that native video uploaded to Facebook gets 2x the reach and 7x the engagement of other posts. The good news is that all of your video does not have to be professionally produced.

SAM’s 2015 2016 Best and Worst Marketing says it best: “Digital media is no longer “on the rise” or very new—it’s standard. Many resorts have gained a better understanding of their audiences, and are generating digital content to reflect that. Spearfishing rather than casting a net, if you will. Others still have some learning to do.”

According to Pew Research 2017 data, 88% of adults between the ages of 18-29 use Facebook and 59% use Instagram. 79% of 30-49 year olds use Facebook. Advertising on these platforms along with YouTube and Google will reach your intended audiences where they already spend much of their time – on their mobile devices.

Having a Facebook Business Page is not enough. Back in the earlier days of Facebook, a business could set up a page, put up some interesting and entertaining posts and engage with its audience. That changed in 2012 when Facebook entered the world of paid advertising. Now if a business wants to expand its reach beyond a handful of viewers, it needs to pay for display advertising. Boosted posts are best for companies who are looking to increase likes, comments and shares. If you want to target specific behaviors with a specific call to action such as bringing people into your resort, or want them to purchase a ticket or package, you will want to invest in display advertising with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google.

Text message marketing allows you to build a very loyal VIP fan club and communicate directly with them on their mobile phones. Different groups can opt in with different keywords, allowing you to segment your audiences and customize your offers. Let people know when you’re open, when you have fresh powder, advise about special VIP offers, or even when you have to close due to a weather emergency.

It’s never too late to start a social mobile ski resort marketing campaign to reach your most important audiences. The digital marketing experts here at Purplegator are ready to help you execute your online digital marketing plan. Give us a call at 888-76-GATOR or email us at sales@purplegator.com.