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Learn About Mobile Marketing & Increase Your Bottom Line

Learn About Mobile Marketing & Increase Your Bottom Line


It’s on your nightstand every night. It’s becoming your primary device. It’s your smartphone.

Mobile devices are landing in the hands of more and more people everyday. Every newly released model is faster and more powerful than the last. If targeting smartphones isn’t in your current marketing plan, you will understand why you need to start marketing to mobile devices after reading Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage & Acquire with Mobile Marketing, authored by Bob Bentz, president of Purplegator.

Learn from the Best

Bentz has been in the mobile marketing industry since its beginning and has stayed on top of the latest trends. The book enlightens the reader about topics like mobile-optimized websites, text message marketing, social media, mobile advertising and more. Any given company can utilize mobile marketing to increase their sales. After finishing the book, you will have actionable insight on how to harness the power of mobile.

When interviewed by Judy Weintraub, from The SkillBites Show, Bob discusses how one of the powers of mobile marketing is the fact that is is low waste. Unlike traditional advertising, mobile ads can be targeted to reach just the consumers in your immediate area. For example, a pizza joint would be wasting their advertising budget by placing an ad in the newspaper which might be distributed 25+ miles away. Instead, the restaurant could target only the people within two or three miles of the location with mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing isn’t just about reaching the people in the geographic area. It’s about delivering relevant messages to their mobile phones. During an interview with the WVU Alumni Association, Bob says, “If you can deliver a relevant message to that consumer, you’re going to hit them right in their pockets or right in their purses”. Reach your target customers when they are at home, at work or even at your competitor’s store.

Of course the goal is to increase the bottom line through mobile marketing, however what if you could learn more about your target consumers? Bob talks about the data you can gather about your customers through mobile advertising during his interview with Go2Mobi. Mobile data can indicate neighborhoods that contain target customers and demographic information that isn’t possible to capture through traditional media.

A relevant message on the most used device will engage your target consumers and acquire new leads. 

If you are looking to increase your sales and learn about mobile marketing, you can grab your copy here. If you prefer an e-book, you can purchase your copy at Amazon and other fine online book retailers.

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