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How To Hire Truck Drivers

Did you know there’s a shortage of 89,000 truck drivers in the United States? Did you know that the gap will likely grow to almost 900,000 by the end of 2025? In addition to the shortage itself, many recruiters struggle to find and hire qualified truck drivers. Most qualified truck drivers are already gainfully employed and on the road, sometimes for long periods of time.

Truck drivers simply don’t read newspapers anymore, nor do they check help-wanted ads. Therefore, in order to connect with qualified candidates, you need help. You need a company which gets your message out directly to qualified candidates through focused social media marketing channels.

Purplegator to the Rescue

At Purplegator, we connect professional recruiters with experienced drivers. We do this using a wide range of social media and mobile marketing techniques, most notably, geo-targeting.

Social media marketing is the leading way to reach a target audience today. Purplegator has perfected this medium for recruiters. Through social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even mobile apps like ESPN, People Magazine and The Weather Channel, your targeted message has a broad reach. As a result of the broad reach targeting candidates while they engage with their phones, leads manifest themselves. Qualified leads. We follow up our targeted messages with email and SMS text reminders so users can begin the application process. Finally, you receive leads in real-time, which allows you to connect with them immediately to schedule interviews.

You can read about two of our truck driver recruitment success stories here and here.

Want to talk to us specifically about truck driver recruitment?  Learn more about how we recruit truck drivers.

No matter who you need to hire – whether it’s truck drivers or retail store staff – Purplegator has the edge it takes to connect you with your top prospects. Tell us about your staffing needs now.

Check out our video below find out more details:

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